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Letter No. 29

To GDC at Garroulds. Postmarked - Wickham Market - 19th November 1870

Friday evening

Dear George
I set down to write to you a few nights since but could not find enough to write about so have deferred till now.
No doubt the Governors informed you on Tuesday I had sent them a cheque for your Premium, have sent you their letter for your inspection, please return it when you write again, it's as well to take care of it. I hope you will be as fortunate as the young man you allude to when you are 20 - 160£ is a good screw. I dare say W.C. is nice company for you, does he get a salary? Have not seen or heard anything of them for a long time, we think of having them come at Xmas. I suppose you will pass the time away somehow.
We had a very fine time to put the wheat in and get the beet off, a very large crop, nearly 400 loads.
The poor old Parson is very queer, just sent up to say no service on Sunday, last Sunday he only preached once, should think he will not last the winter. Haward goes on sadly, nearly always drunk, a sad job for his family.
The Prince of Wales has been shooting at Lord Huntingfields this week, there has been great doings at the Hall.
Cannot you manage to get me a daily paper at a low price, I seem to want something to read of an evening these long nights. The postage is only 1/2d, if a day old never mind, it will be news for Laxfield.
All join with me in love to you, also William
I remain
Your affectionate Father
Nunn Chandler
{over} Take care of the Governors' letter & receipt for money.

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