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Letter No. 28

To GDC at Garroulds. Postmarked - Wickham Market - November 1870


No doubt, my dear George, you begin to think we are scarce of pens and ink, I should have written ere this but I am always busy, plenty to do and very little help. I am pleased you received the little present, also the stamps I hope. Father asked what it was I sent but I did not tell him. Last Sunday week we were at Mettingham on Anna Maria's account & at last we have got her into a shop at Halesworth, Wm. Chases, to learn the millinery & dressmaking & wait in the shop. 20£ for two years, & her Grandmama have to pay it & find her with clothes, washing & spending money, & I am truly thankful I have her out of my house for she is no good, the house when our backs turned infested with all the scum of Laxfield. You know the party, Agers, Woods, Betts, Thurston etc. a nice lot to encourage where their are young girls. Monday we went to Uncle Wilson's & home Tuesday, he was very sadly with cold & sore throat but we all went to Ipswich & home that night. Mr. Thomas Parrinton was their. Monser have taken the place of Fisher & Father like the change quite well, poor old Fisher is now a job man sometimes at old Roberts & Mr. Foster & poor old Cooks. I expect he wish he had kept his tongue to himself for I think we were very good friends to him. Father will, I have no doubt, write to Mr. G. this week but time is getting very short, such a lot of pays just now, but that will be all right. I expect Arnold Scace is getting on very well in the poor old shop, I have had a few little dealings with him. Only fancy, poor old Knowles that lived with us in the Norwich Union, nearly at death's door. What a shocking thing for a young man, I should fear through drink & bad company, which is the ruin of many, I hope we may never see our children in such destitution. Uncle Harry is in Canarvon in Wales, but he has been very unwell, obliged to have medical advice, bleeding at the nose too much. Father is gone to Soham after some wheat for seeds, have got all the beet off & a first rate crop. I have 8 cows now so their is something to do & no servant yet. Shall finish getting in the wheat about Wednesday. Now my dear boy I must say Adieu with all our united kind love
from your affecte. Mama

I wish you and Wm. could run over on Christmas day. I shall ask Aunt & Uncle John & Alice, we were their last year so its their turn now to see us.

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