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Letter No. 31

To GDC at Garroulds. Postmarked - Wickham Market - December 19th 1870


Dear George
I thought I would just drop you a line to say its very wet weather, nothing but wet, wet, wet, you know what kind of place this is after so much of it, always up to your ass in slub and nothing to be got. The Missis is having water frolics today - no drying the linen. You will see by the paper poor old Woods is dead, I should think his wife will continue in the Oak, the sons are both at home, both loose chaps. The eldest is just married to some common servant and hired part of Pratt's house.
Haward goes on sadly, nearly always drunk, a few weeks longer and they will be entirely broken up. The oldest girl wants to get out, would not mind giving the first year for her grub. I tell him I should think there would be no difficulty in that if they tried hard, she is a good lass at the sewing machine and understands music.
Ellen came home Wednesday, she grows a great good girl, Anna & Kate break up on Friday. Uncle & Aunt John comes on Monday next, I think Alice & Marianne are also coming with them. You may expect a parcel from us Friday or Saturday just for Xmas. Hoping you will enjoy the contents and with the Compts. of the approaching season
I remain, with best love from us all,
Your affectionate Father
Nunn Chandler
The Parson is mending. Thanks for the papers. I dare say you get them cheap.

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