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Letter No. 5

To GDC at Garroulds. Postmark - Wickham Market - 16th April 1870

Apr 16th /70

Dear Friend,
I should have answered your letter before but have not been well. I have been to Laxfield for a few days. I did not see any of your people because I did not go out much. Dr Lay, Peasenhall let his horse down and broke the sharves off his cart and the horse ran away and hurt itself very much. I was at Peasenhall at the time. We have had beautiful weather for getting in the corns and they look very well. You will find you have more to do as the Spring get up. I hear you are in the desk for the first 6th months. I should think you have plenty to do to keep the money a/c. I went to Joseph's when I was at Laxfield and I saw plenty of box's. I should think it rong about the six boys. How do you get your washing & other things done. Are you bound for the four years. I suppose you have been a good way about already, you do not go far alone yet. We are very dull about here. I shall want you to tell me the news.
Yours truly
C. Ives

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