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Letter No. 6

To GDC at Garroulds. Postmarked - Wickham Market - April 20th 1870

Ap.20 1870

Dear George,
I have deferred writing to you till now as I thought perhaps the Governor would have written to me when the month was up, which was yesterday, perhaps it would be as well for me to write to him in a few days unless they have said something to you. We hope you continue to be comfortable and that you may like the business. Anything is better than farming for people of small means. The sheep went away on Friday only 28/- each and nothing allowed for the six that died, the bullocks at 15£ ea and Noaks only allowed 9£ the price of one, for the three that was last. Therefore after paying for the cake and corn there remains but a very little profit.
Barley, oats and flax all in and as looks first rate, have finished putting beet in except about an acre. The manure did not quite hold out to finish the fields. There is a cricket club formed to be in H. Scaces meadow. Did you see by the papers G.P.Freemans bankruptcy, also Fred Reads.
All join with me in very best love, expecting to hear from you in a few days
I remain
Your affectionate Father
Nunn Chandler

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