suffolk letters
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Letter No. 4

My dear George
Mama wishes me to write and just tell you your shirts are all aired and hope they will fit you. We have 8 little chicks and only 2 died. We have also 13 very nice chickens they are about a month old. The geese do not turn out very well, not as well as we expected they would. One only layed 6 eggs before it wanted to set and the other one still keep laying now. Am glad to tell you little Jane begins to run a few steps. She always goes by the name of Harken. Mama is very tired so I wrote to you for her. We have had the house coloured it has also been whitewashed inside so she has been very busy. Do they take young ladies if so I should be glad of a crib in about a years time. Your friend William was over here a little while ago, I think he is going to leave his brothers now soon. Now dear George I have no more to tell you and now all join with me in love to you.
Believe me
Your affectionate sister
Ellen Chandler

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