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Letter No. 45

No envelope

October 2. 1871

Dear George
We received your box quite safe last Wednesday and we found a pair of green kid gloves in, and did you send them to mend. We had a party last Tuesday. I went to Denington last Tuesday walking to meet Mrs Freeman, because we did not know the way. Mr. John Well's auction was on Saturday. Father went to it and bought a very nice horse and a set of milk trays. Grandmamma Chandler is coming to stay a week with us. Uncle John's auction is on Tuesday week. Father went twice to the auction at Denington, he went the first day and the last and he bought 2 chicken houses, one wagon and two tumbrils, and four sheep stalls and a chaff engine. Mr Saunders is got into his new house now. We have sold all our turkeys, it is a good job too, we have had a nice trouble with them too running about after them. They got to Mr Bunsby's one day and they keep there two nights. One of the old turkeys set up the top of the clover field on thirteen eggs. Now I must conclude with kind love to you.
Your affectionate sister
Anna Chandler

PS write as soon as you can AC

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