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Letter No. 44

To GDC at Garroulds. Postmarked - Wickham Market - September 25th 1871


My dear George,
As Father is gone to Diss market to take the money for his flax I thought I would write to you as its my turn. We are all extremely sorry to hear you are so ill, you must have taken cold since you left home, but my dear boy, anything you wish for or want, be sure and have, and if you would like to see Father I am sure he will come. I only wish you were now under our charge but Wm. says you are well taken care of, but when anyone is ill home seems the best place. But as soon as you are able to be removed I think it will be best to come home again for a time. If you would like anything only just send us word & will send up a hamper. We had a card from Wm. yesterday, he is very kind to let us know how you are and as we had no news from Wm. this morning we are in hope you are better. I shall not send Ellen to school this half for I want her at home with all these cows and troublesome children.
We were at Mettingham on Sunday to dinner, Grandmama and all are well. Uncle Hayward is going to have Ellingham at Michaelmas, have hired Barsham Hall near Gosford(?), 500 acres and will carry on his Bidisham & Gisthastle & St Andrews farms as well, so that does not seem much as if he was failed. We had a large party at the Station Road, Beccles on Monday night, I expect Aunt Maria will screw after all that. We slept at Uncle John's, & then came home by Halesworth in time for market. They are all well, & Marianne is going to school for another quarter. Anna and Kate go on Monday, they were all at a party at Beals last Wednesday, over thirty. Now my dear boy, as I have another letter to write I must draw to a close. We shall make 50lbs. of butter next week if not more, so how the old cows will begin to pay. Father & all join with me in kindest love to yourself and wish the same and many thanks to Wm., hoping you will soon be better.
Believe me to remain
Your ever beloved Mama

Wm. will, I hope, write & let us know how you are.

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