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Letter No. 3

No envelope - parcel? After Easter 1870

Thursday evening

Dear George,
Herewith your Mama have sent your shirts and wht (white?) vests also a pair of trousers you can wear which you like for best. These cost the most of 5/9 pr. yd. from Aldreds, take care of the pieces they will do for repairing. Cannot you get your wash woman or some one to repair the others before they get very bad. The young folks have all been very sadly for several days colds and coughs and various other small complaints but think they are now convalescent. I have had the rheumatics ever since Monday morning scarcely able to get about and for two nights did not get an hours sleep the pain was so great. I fear it was a damp bed I slept in when in London for I have felt the same pains ever since little or much and had a bad cold directly after. I suppose you see W.C. sometimes also your Aunt Maria. Your Mama has been talking of writing to her for some time but always seems busy more particular just at this season, as you know the fleas always receive notice to quit in the spring of the year. We were at Mettingham Good Friday. Uncle Harry is still at home in quest of a crib were there is but little to do good pay and good keep, can you help him to one of the sorts. I have not written to the Governors yet but should think it is of no consequence. I take it for granted if you did not suit they would have written to me. Write whenever an opportunity offers as we are always pleased to have a line from you. All join with me in very best love.
I remain
Your affectionate father
Nunn Chandler

Should think you will be a don cricketer when you come home again.

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