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Letter No. 32

No envelope

March 25/71

My dear Cousin
I was pleased to hear you were better and think of coming back, but I suppose you will have no more of the desk, as there are two new apprentices, young Mann and another little un, whose name I don't know. I don't think young Mann seems to care very much about it, he is a wonderful time a learning how to take cash and so is the other boy who is in your desk. Poor Bignold have to stand outside all day long telling young Mann what to do and so has Oliver with the other. There has been a wonderful lot of changes since I last wrote. Miss Grey and Miss Lewis have both got the swop because she went talking to and cutting James Lawson's patterns so there's two new ones in the mantles besides a chap, there is also a new man in the silks, and Harrison is also in the silks now so there is four of them there, there are also two bran new men in the dresses besides Bayley, old Garnham swoped the Governor and is got into D.B.s so there is only three in the dresses, old Bummy has gone out of the trimming squad and got into the mourning room. Davies has left, and Bond has gone in the hosiery. There are 3 new hands in the trimmings, old Bloater being first man, there is a new man in the ribbons and one in the lace, and a new one in the prints. We have had some alterations to, the mourning room has been made larger and the hosiery department to. Besides the place has all been white washed and papered etc. We did not have any holiday here when the Princess was married. I have been going to buy the papers for you but somehow or other every Friday night when they have been sold I have been out, however I will send you some this week. Now with love to you and Uncle and Aunt and Cousins
I remain
Your affectionate Cousin
W.M. Chandler

P.S. Enclosed is the bill from Goddards

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