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Letter No. 2

To GDC at Garroulds. No postmark - before Easter


My dear George,
I was very pleased to hear good news from you yesterday. Have sent you (?) brushes also your old gloves to clean boots in. I went to Streets last evening to try and get you some cheats(?) but Bunting nor Scace had any that would do. You had better get one or two which will last if you have your linen washed very well but 15s a quarter will never do but will hear what your Aunt say on Saturday then can write and let us know. I think you will like your jacket & vest have sent the pieces also like the other. I will send your white shirts after Easter if you can make out till then. Suppose you and William will have the day together on Good Friday. I should often like to peep in & see you but am glad you are happy and comfort able, rather different to Laxfield. Father have not sold the sheep yet but Noaks is coming to look at them on Monday. We had another die last Sunday. I must tell you I have 13 chickens thought you would like to know. Chandler borrowed me a gander for six weeks so now I think we shall do. You must let me know when you want some money. How about collars, I should wear paper ones they are the cheapest. Now I must say adieu, all join with me in kind love to you &
Believe me
Your affecte Mama
M. Chandler
Little ones send you a kiss

(On the back of the envelope) Cracknell says hang your jacket up if you can for the night it will take the creases and shall we send your Bluckers(?) & cord trousers.

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