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Letter No. 21

To GDC at Garroulds. Postmarked - Wickham Market - August 17th 1870

My dear George
I have sent you 4s stamps but don't take any notice. Father is gone to Harleston Market, he will write to you next week & send some money but I thought perhaps you might be short & that is all the money I have, this busy time take all the cash. We have not heard from Mr. Garrould yet so perhaps he will not let you have a holiday till Xmas. We have not had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Garrould yet, I wish he might call. We have done carting wheat & today carting beans, and threshed the oats & the 12 acres of wheat against the orchard. Its come out middling I think, 110 coombs, but the price won't do, Father have got a sample today. Now old dear, I must say adieu, excuse the pencil but the pen won't go and am afraid it would be over to light. I wish you were here to have a drop of harvest beer, it will soon be all out. With my very kind love from Mama.
I will send you some more soon, I know Father will write next week but we keep waiting to hear from the Governor.

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