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Letter No. 22

To GDC at Garroulds. Postmarked - Harleston - August 24th 1870


Dear George
Have sent you 10/- worth of stamps which I trust will reach you safe. Have not heard from the Governors yet so suppose they cannot spare you. Have had two wet days, it come rather too soon, having 20 acres of barley not carted, and second crop clovers also I fears will take harm unless fine directly, have threshed the 12 acres field of wheat, 9 coo(mb)s for a 24/9 pr 600. Report says G.P. Truman has poisoned himself but don't know if it is correct.
We think of going to Beccles, Ringsfield, Shipmeadow & Metting ham in a week or so. Anna Maria is here but a poor dawdle?, know nothing, too fat & big and brought up to want breaking in. Mama & all join with me in love, excuse haste, dinner is ready, thence to driving away as its cleared out and the barley will be dry enough to cart.
Your affectionate Father
Nunn Chandler

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