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Letter No. 20

To GDC at Garroulds. Postmarked - Bungay - August 10th 1870

My dear George
I think it is quite my turn to write to you. I will commence with telling you I came back to school last Monday fortnight. I wrote to Mamma last Wednesday, but have not heard from her yet. I saw Cousin Dennis, Fred and Ellen Wilson on Sunday evening but I do not think they saw me. I think you said in your last letter to me that you did not know my address at Bungay, so I will send it to you, and you must write to me shortly please and tell me how you go on. I suppose you have heard whether you are going home or not by this time.
Now I must conclude with much love
Believe me
Your loving Sister
Address Mrs Woolnoughs
       Broad Street House,

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