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Letter No. 38

To GDC at Garroulds. Postmarked - Wickham Market - June 17th 1871

Friday morning

Dear George
I hope you will not think I have quite forgotten you as I have not written to you for so long a time but I have not had much to tell you and have got very little now. Cousin Dennis and Fred Wilson came to ours to breakfast on Thursday morning quite unexpectedly. William Chandler, Alice and Uncle & Aunt are coming here tomorrow night Saturday. We have got 20 turkeys, we had seven die last week when we had very cold weather and now it is so hot we hardly know how to bear ourselves. We have got such a lot of very nice ducks but a very few chickens, only 12. Uncle and Aunt William and two of their children are going to Grandmama Draper's the first week in July and so Mama and Father are going, and from there to the Beccles Show which is to be on the 5th & 6th of that month. We have got another new servant come home on Tuesday. I am going to school again in about six weeks. Polly and Laura go to school at Miss Butler's, they went last Monday for the first time. They liked it very much for the first day or two but they don't care much about it now. Maria & Lydia Warren went home last Wednesday for their holiday.
We are going to have a new paper come out called the Laxfield Times published by Mrs Riches for she generally know everybody's busyness better than her own, so we will send it to you when it comes out. Now I must conclude, all join with me in kind love.
Believe me
Your affectate Sister
Mama will write soon as well

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