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Letter No. 36

May 3rd 1871

Dear George
We have very wet weather, it have been raining nearly all day, it is very dull in the country. Mamma have had very bad luck with her fouls, had only 5 chickens out of 28 eggs. The goose which hatched first lay again, have layed 5 eggs. I think our new dresses are very pretty, I like them very much indeed. Cosset calved last night and have got a splendid great calve. Mamma have sold her ducks which she had when you were at home for a shilling each, which is a very good price for them. I think Laxfield fair will soon be here. Uncle Wilson & Cousin Ellen and Uncle Freeman & Cousin Emily are coming on that day. Now dear George I have no more news to tell you so I must conclude with kind love
Believe me
Your affectate sister
Kate Chandler

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