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Letter No. 35

To GDC at Garroulds. Postmarked - Wickham Market - May 3rd 1871

May 3 1871

Dear Brother
It have been raining very hard here and I hope we shall soon have some dry weather. Mamma had 5 chickens out of 28 eggs. The old goose layed, we have had 6 gooses eggs in, and the geese are getting quite large ones. We have not lost one yet. We received the dresses all right on the Saturday and I think they are very nice ones, and there is not a pare of gloves will fit me and so you must send another pare down and we will send the other pare up. Cosset calfed this morning and it is a very nice calf indeed. My birthday was on Monday May the first. Laxfield fair is the Friday May the 12. Cullingford told the boys what to say before they went into the magistrates. Mr Hugman ask me how you are every day, he ask us such questions till we can't answer them. Mr Haward is quite well now. Father have put a bord up down of the downs. The beet are up. The sow have got 11 pigs, it piged last Sunday and the weat is grown very much. Mrs Blomfield have got another girl. Miss Mat is still at Mrs Blomfields, she is a very proud little thing, Mrs Blomfield is very pleased you might be sure. I must conclude with kind love to you
Your affectionate sister
Anna Chandler

PS Write as soon as you can, please excuse blots & mistakes, A C

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