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Letter No. 16

To GDC at Garroulds. Postmarked - Halesworth - July 6th 1870

July 6th. 70

Dear Friend,
I hope you will forgive me for not answering yours before but I have not been well. Brother is in London today, I am going to stop with Brother for a time. The sale yard was sold yesterday and it fetched one thousand and twenty pounds. The Hawards are going down fast. Haward went home about a three weeks ago quite drunk and went down the street and said that Bunting laid with that girl Stone. He owed Bunting about twenty pounds at the time and Bunting summoned him for it. Father will not let him have no more money so he went to Ipswich to Mr. Grimwades and drew 50£ more on his houses and meadow. I suppose you have heard about that girl Stone that was at Bunting's house, she had a child in Mr. Read's planting and left it there, she is committed for trial for killing the child.
Mr. Crabtree of Halesworth died very sudden. He was found dead in his bed one morning last week and was buried yesterday. The shops were closed from half past ten till one, the streets were lined with people. He died without a will, it is reported he is worth one hundred thousand pounds.
I have no more to say to you at this time
so I must remain
yours truly
C. Ives

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