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Letter No. 15

To GDC at Garroulds. Postmarked - Wickham Market - June 29th 1870

June 29 1870

Dear George
We were pleased to see by your last letter an improvement in your writing and spelling, hope it is lasting.
Mr. E. Garrould called last Monday week, unfortunately I was not at home, but at Stradbrook Fair. Should very much liked to have had some talk with him about you, he told your Mama you were getting on all right. Have not seen Mr. Clutten since he was with him when he called, perhaps the other governor will come during the summer, if not, perhaps it would not be amiss for me to run up and have a proper bargain made. About August or Sept. when I could better spare the corn(?) or do you think there is a chance of your having a holiday this summer, you know all would be delighted to see you. A cricket match between Laxfield & Thorndon was played here yesterday, the former beat. Jep. Smith left Mrs Carley only 100£, a fine disappointment, she expected 1000£, a wonderful drop for our neighbours Harry. Nearly all the farmers followed him to the grave but they were so mean as not to furnish us with hatbands and gloves. Has left his money to his nephews and nieces, about 20000£. We have finished haysel(?), a nice lot of clover, but not grass enough to mow, feeding all the meadows. Have just got 100 lambs of Noah on tick, I think they look like paying although not very cheap. You remember the six young sows, one of them had no pigs, the 2nd only one, 3rd had eight, 4th had seven, 5th had eight and the 6th still to pig, which is only middling luck for young sows.
Did you see by the paper your uncle Wilson's success with his two year old colt at Harleston Show, 20£ and 6£ prize, and the week before 15£ at the Essex Show. He will take him to the Suffolk show also to the Royal show at Oxford.
Your Mama, Ellen & Anna and myself went to the shows, we thought it nearly like London.
Cannot you order us some more rain, have not had half enough, wheat and barley I think will be an average crop, beans & peas & flax very short crop. All join with me in very best love, when you want any more togs let us know.
I remain
your affectionate father
Nunn Chandler

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