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This is the Family Tree, including father and mother, Nunn and Mary Anne Chandler, to Myra Helene Gentle (née Chandler). The line of descendency is outlined in bold green. Depending on your browser, it will probably take several moments to appear. You will also, inevitably, need to scroll sideways as well!
(The two names in Italics indicate links to their photos in the Family Album.)

Chandler, Dennis Chandler, Dennis                                                            
m. Margaret Frost   bp. 05.04.1629  
21.05.1628   ?  
  Chandler, John Chandler, John Chandler, John  
bp. 22.09.1633?   bp. 13.07.1662   bp. 01.09.1695
br. ? br. 29.01.1731  
m1. Rose ? m. Frances Lord Chandler, Denice (Dennis) Chandler, Mary  
br. 27.04.1676 18.10.1694 Rougham bp. 14.11.1697 Rougham   bp. 04.01.1722/3 Pakenham
  br. 17.07.1729 d. 29.08.1754 Pakenham m. Isaac Copeland
m2. Jane Austin, widow     m1. Mary Bingley  
19.04.1677 Chandler, Dennis   15.10.1719 Rougham Chandler, Dennis  
br. 20.10.1680 bp. 19.03.1665 d. 31.08.1725 Pakenham born 1723/4 Pakenham
      br. 29.05.1729 Pakenham
Chandler, Robert    
bp. 13.12.1670 m2. Hannah Godfrey Chandler, John  
  02.11.1725 Pakenham   bp. 19.09.1726
Chandler, Ann   d. 19.07.1736 br. 28.06.1728 Pakenham
bp. 22.05.1673    
br. 28.06.1673 Chandler, Dennis  
  bp. 01.08.1729 Pakenham
Chandler, Susan   br. 03.10.1729
bp. 22.05.1673  
  Chandler, John Chandler, James Chandler, Mary Ann  
bp. 09.10.1730 Pakenham   bp. 25.02.1761 Tostock   bp. 28.07.1786 Wenhaston
br. 15.06.1804 Tostock d. 22.02.1834 Wilby  
m. Esther Lusher m1. Mary Turner Chandler, John Chandler, James Samuel Dennis - Australia  
04.06.1754 Pakenham   b. 20.03.1788 Wenhaston   b. 08.03.1813 Stradbroke   Martha Ann - Australia
bp. 06.02.1733/4? Pakenham d. 20.02.1869 Beccles d. 02.04.1887 St. Amaud, Victoria Nunn James
br. 06.01.1800 Pakenham m. 20.10.1812 Stradbroke m. Ann Stevenson John
  Mary Pulham b. 1820 Wilby Mary Ann
b. 06.03.1791 Stradbroke/Wilby? d. 22.09.1904 S. Amaud, Victoria  
m3. Sarah Brown No children from this marriage      
1736 Hopton All Saints   Chandler, Lusher   Chandler, Emily Dennis  
  b. 18.06.1789 Wenhaston b. 31.08.1817 Wilby   Fred
Chandler, Francis   d. 08.09.1789 Wenhaston d. 06.1870 Baylham Hall Ellen
bp. 07.02.1703   m. William Wilson William
br. 22.09.1704   b. 1818 Athelington  
  m2. Hannah Gi(e)dney Chandler, Dennis    
17.12.1789 Wenhaston   bp. 15.02.1791 Wenhaston Chandler, Martha Emily  
bp. 06.10.1761   b. 31.10.1819 Wilby   Fanny
br. 13.02.1837 Wilby Chandler, James   d. ? Harry?
  bp. 19.08.1792 Wenhaston m. William Freeman  
br. 24.03.1821 Wilby b. 1818 Aspel
Chandler, Jacob   Chandler, Maria  
bp. 25.06.1794 Wenhaston bp. 24.03.1822 Haughley
br. 14.07.1794 d. 1866 Ipswich?
  m. George Taylor
Chandler, Hannah    
bp. 04.10.1795 Wenhaston Chandler, John William Money  
br. 03.02.1796 Wenhaston b. 1825 Haughley   b. 1853/4
  d. ? d. 01.08.1881
Chandler, Samuel   m. Anna Money m. Lizzie
br. 26.04.1797 Wenhaston b. Beccles?  
Chandler, Hannah  
bp. 05.03.1798 Tostock
m. Johnson, Richard Chandler, Nunn Chandler, George Draper Chandler, George Hammond Chandler, Joan 2 sons and 1 daughter
  b. 23.09.1826 Haughley   b. 26.10.1856 Dickleburgh   b. 19.08.1887 Shepherds Bush   b. 09.06.23  
Chandler, Samuel   d. 12.01.1893 Shepherds Bush d. 25.10.1933 Barnes d. 02.12.1956 Ilford d. 1999
bp. 30.04.1799 Tostock m. Mary Anne Draper m. Maria Laflin m. Rachel m. Dudley Otter
br. 15.02.1800 Tostock b. 14.02.1831 Mettingham b. 08.06.1864 b. 30.03.1888  
  d. 25.02.1878 Shepherds Bush d. 1932 Barnes d. 10.02.1978
Chandler, Sarah        
bp. 25.04.1800 Tostock Chandler, Ellen   Chandler, Dorothy Anna  
  b. 25.01.1858 Dickleburgh b. 29.06.1888 Shepherds Bush
Chandler, Robert   d. 06.01.1876 Shepherds Bush d. 31.01.1980 Ilford
bp. 16.09.1801 Tostock    
  Chandler, Anna   Chandler, Dennis Edwin No children of this marriage  
Chandler, William   b. 01.05.1861 Hinton b. 29.05.1889  
bp. 28.11.1803 Wilby d. 12.04.1888 Stanton St. Quinton d. 1972/3
died 07.03.1872 Woodbridge m. John Pound Downing (m1) m. Kate
m. Betsey Barnes b. 1853  
bp. 1804 Bedingfield d. 27.12.1906 Stanton St. Quinton Chandler, Redelpha 3 sons  
    b. 18.01.1893 Shepherds Bush  
Chandler, Nunn   Chandler, Kate   d. 06.06.1985
bp. 15.12.1805 Wilby b. 15.09.1862 Laxfield m. William Reid
died 22.03.1875 Wilby d.  
  m. John Pound Downing (m2)
b. 1853
d. 27.12.1906 Stanton St. Quinton
Chandler, Mary (Pollie)  
b. 21.10.1864
d. 17.12.1885
Chandler, Laura Elizabeth  
b. 05.09.1866 Laxfield
d. 05.08.1878 Shepherds Bush Chandler, Oswald Edgar Chandler, Myra Helene  
  b. 01.10.1905 Shepherds Bush   b. 22.03.1933 Hayes
Chandler, Emma Florence   d. 28.02.1960 m1 William Gordon Carr Webb 1 son and 1 daughter
b. 29.08.1867 Laxfield m. Helena Marjory Perkins b. 01.10.1919 Hornsey  
d. 07.03.1944 b. 22.09.1906 London d. 28.06.1967 London
  d. 28.10.1940 Lancing m2. Alan Gentle No children of this marriage
Chandler, Nunn Edwin   b. 09.05.1938 Paignton  
b. 29.08.1867 Laxfield  
d. ? USA Chandler, Michael John 3 sons
  b. 17.07.1934 Hayes  
Chandler, Jane   m. Isabelle Berrieta (France)
b. 29.09.1868 Laxfield  
d. 01.01.1877 Shepherds Bush Chandler (Hill), Malcolm Gerald  
  b. 01.09.1940 Hayes
Chandler, William Chandler, Ellen  
b. 29.02.1829   m. William Burton, Ipswich
d. 02.09.1898 Sproughton  
m. Ellen Barnard Chandler, Redelpha  
b. 1834 b. 24.01.1869
d. 11.12.1916 Sproughton d. 02.04.1955 Sproughton
Chandler, Elizabeth Bayles, Robert  
b. 1833 Athelington   b. 08.12.1864 Glemsford
d. 26.11.1865 Woodbridge d. 19,12,1928 Melbourne
m. Robert Bayles  
d. 13.02.1866

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