suffolk letters

The Family Album:

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nunn chandler gdc charlotte draper
Nunn Chandler
George Draper Chandler Grandmother
Charlotte Draper
ringsfield hall shipmeadow farm yewtree farm
Old Hall Farm, Ringsfield Shipmeadow Farm
(in the 1960s)
Yewtree Farm
ringsfield church mettingham church laxfield church
Ringsfield Church Mettingham Church Laxfield Church
letter 2 Two of the original letters. The one on the left (Letter 13) is a good example of the practice of conventionally writing downwards and then turning the paper through 90 degrees and writing across the paper! It was written at Laxfield, to George, around June 6th 1870.
The one on the right (Letter 9), also to George, was written at Laxfield on 1st June 1870.
letter 1

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