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Letter No. 8

To GDC at Garroulds. Postmarked - Wickham Market - May 13th 1870


My dear George
No doubt you have been looking for a line from me but hope you will excuse it for I have been so busy, not only that we went to Baylham last Monday to see poor Aunt Wilson, she is very ill, nothing but a skeleton. She cannot last long but she is so happy and content to die. Grandmama have been their three weeks.
Yesterday was our grand Fair & a horrid one it was for their was nothing stirring. We expected your Uncle Freeman but he did not come. Aunt John have got another son last Saturday, nice little plaything right?
Monday if all is well we are going to Shipmeadow & stay the night, its Bungay Fair day. We had a letter from Mr. Deller on Tuesday, he had luck with a situation for you at Mr Shearn's, Newmarket, but I am happy you are suited. We expected him here today but have not been yet. Mr Bunting's servants have been robbing him niceley all sorts of things. One he let off & the other have to take a month of it, but the girl Stone is in a worse mess than that, I am afraid.
I suppose we shall have some summer soon, the corn do not look very first rate. Father had to put his flax in twice, some of the beet are up. How do you get on with your washing, I hope it will be well aired for its so very dangerous to were damp linen. I am pleased to tell you Father's rheumatic is better, and the little folks are pretty well again. Jenny can begin to run across the kitchen. Poor old Mrs. Watson is only just alive, and Fisher's wife is very ill so he is in a mess. I cannot write much now for Father is waiting to go to post so all join with me in kindest love, from your ever loving Mama.
Will write again soon.

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