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Letter No. 41

To GDC at Garroulds. Postmarked - Bungay - July 23rd 1871

Saturday morning

Dear George
It is with great pleasure I write these few lines to you.
I came here last Tuesday afternoon and am going home on Monday, Mamma is coming for me to Grandmamma Draper's and bring Harry home. I am going to school some time next week, you must write to me when I get there. I went to Lowestoft last Monday and all your Cousin Chandlers and Fanny Freeman went with us. Marion Chandler is in a shop at Lowestoft and I think she likes it very well, better than being at home. Cousin Rosa and myself went to Allingham for a walk on Thursday evening to see some of the fine folks there. I have seen Mr. Warrey, Uncle Harry's father in law since I have been here, he is a very nice old gentleman, he is gone home this morning.
Uncle Harry and his wife are coming the first week in August, I think. Cousin Rosa & I went for a ride on pony back last evening. I am going to stay at Uncle Freeman either at Michaelmas or Christmas, they wanted me to go when I was at Aunt John's but I would not. Fanny still goes to school at Lowestoft and is going to continue there till Michaelmas and then is going home to keep at home.
Johnny Chandler is going to stay at ours in the harvest. I suppose you will soon have your holiday. Now dear George I have no more news to tell you so must conclude with best love.
Believe me
Your affectionate sister
Ellen Chandler

PS Don't forget to write to me. It is very slow weather for the hay, it have been raining all the morning, Am glad to hear you are out of the desk. E.

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