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Letter No. 24

To GDC at Garroulds. Postmarked - Harleston - October 1st 1870

Friday evening

Dear George
I have just a few minutes to spare before going up timber hill so thought I would drop you a line. I fear you will not have much success with Feavyour as Jimmy Flatman gives a poor account of him but you may as well try.
Noah Creasy bought 80 of the lambs this morning at 25/-, the others are worth about 22/6, that is paying very well as they have had nothing only what they could get on the farm. They cost 18/- pr head in. Threshed the big wheat stack today, 130 coombs, quite as much as I supposed. Mamma drove Ellen back to school on Wednesday, she was also servant hunting but without success, they have been a very scarce article in the country. Your fat cousin is still here, not quite all wasted away, quite the reverse. Uncle John did not go to London as talked of. I saw him at Bungay fair. He thought as Michaelmas was so near it best to give it up, should think he is very poor and not likely to be otherwise were he is. Arnold Scace has hired Brightly's shop, is selling offs for ten days. Mason has put Scace into the County Court for the actc. disputed. My opinion is the latter will loose the day although the books are so badly kept, the weakest generally go by the walls.
All the little folks say give my love to George, also Mamma, and accept the same from
Your affectionate Father
Nunn Chandler

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