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These letters were written to George Draper Chandler (GDC) by his parents and eldest two sisters when he went to London at the age of thirteen and a half as an apprentice to Messrs Garroulds, Drapers, of Edgware Road, London in April 1870. His parents, Nunn and Marianne Chandler farmed at Yew Tree Farm, Laxfield, Suffolk, from 1862 until 1875. They then went to London with all their children, possibly because of increasing ill health, Marianne died in 1878 and several of the younger children, also Ellen, the eldest, in January 1876, just before her 18th birthday. Nunn lived until January 1893.

George married Maria Laflin and had three sons and two daughters, Myra is the daughter of the youngest son and was given the letters by George's eldest daughter.

The little Nunn Edwin of the letters went to the United States and there are many of his descendents living there. His twin Emma did not marry.

Anna married John Pound Downing of Stanton St Quinton, Wiltshire, they had one son named Robert, and she died in 1888. Then her sister Kate married John Pound Downing who died in 1906.

Emma and Kate lived on until the 1930s and are remembered by George's grandchildren. The family lived at Shepherds Bush and later at Barnes, West London.


Much useful information on Suffolk is to be found on the recently updated and revised Suffolk Surname List together with many links and, there is of course, the Suffolk Family History Society's (SFHS) own site. The Rootsweb Suffolk Mailing List is also well worth joining. For a wider view of genealogy in the UK and Ireland there is 'GENUKI' at:

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I hope you have a little time to look at the letters and that you find them as interesting as I did when when they were passed on to me several years ago.


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