The UK Member Organisation of the
International Friends of Nature (IFN - NFI - IAN)

Membership Application Form

I wish to apply for membership of Friends of Nature UK for the year ending 31st December 20....

I enclose the Annual Subscription as:
Individual member, 18 years and older £10.00
Joint husband and wife/partners £15.00
Family including children under 18 £17.50
Junior/Youth member under 18 years £6.00

Total enclosed £ ...........

The main applicant's name for correspondence:
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Please circle your age group:
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To assist us in our publicity campaign it would be very useful if you could kindly tell us where you first heard of the Friends of Nature UK:


I agree to abide by the Constitution and Rules of Friends of Nature UK and the International Friends of Nature and, when abroad, to the rules of any other organisation affliated to IFN/NFI/IAN.
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Each individual and joint member must sign. A husband cannot commit his wife under the Data Protection Act. Members under 18 years need the consent of a parent or guardian.

Please send this completed Application Form, together with a cheque payable to Friends of Nature and crossed A/C Payee only to:-

Debbie Duke, Membership Secretary FoN UK,
5 Drury Close,
Clover Hill,

E-mail: membership@thefriendsofnature.org.uk       Tel: 01603 495353

Please note that membership commences on the first day of January each year. Renewals must reach the Membership Secretary before March 31st. Members who have not renewed by this date are deemed to have lapsed and may be required to pay a re-joining fee.

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